I'm someone intrigued to explore the ever changing world of technology.

I've got my hands dirty with Java/Spring/JPA/Golang/AWS/REST/Mysql/Solr/PostgreSQL/MongoDB/DevOps etc.

These days spending my time on exploring Distributed Systems,Erlang, Databases,DS and Algorithms.

Have 6+ years of experience right now working with ThoughtWorks as an Application Developer.

In past I've worked with corporates/MNCs, Startups and as an Independent Consultant.

I scribble in this space to shout to the world what I've learned and also a reference for future me ;) (You know "shit !! I had done this in past..... but..." ).

Feedback is valuable so please do leave comments.

Want to discuss tech stuff/have a tech problem that I can solve ? Reach out adarshkkumar@gmail.com